Social dramas enacted on world stages are seen re-enacted in many schools across our planet. Overcrowding, bullying, drugs, gangs, poverty, discipline, attention, assimilation and truancy are global issues. In a recent UK study, teachers report how the presence of even one disruptive student in a classroom has a significant negative impact on overall teacher-student interaction. In the US alone, half a million teachers quit annually—the majority experiencing burnout to the point they’re unwilling to complete a full school year. Attempts to restore order are proving ineffective as these factors cause both students and teachers to disconnect. What is cut short is the true potential of the educational system; and with this loss, students lose the all important sense of purpose, and the need to feel they BeLong goes unfulfilled. We either make a change or take a chance — a gamble with our future is a dangerous bet. We have a solution and it’s time to act now. It takes all of us for BELONGING to happen – Lets make the change!

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