“The response from administration, teachers, directors, psychologists and others working
in the educational system was remarkable. As they awoke to a new understanding of
themselves and their colleagues, beginning to see their role as social architects,
a significant transformation in attitude and actions became visible.”

Dr. Alessio Morassut, Superintendent of elementary schools, Mirano, Venice, Italy

In 2007, four years after the project was inaugurated in the community of Mirano, Venice, Italy,TeamPlayGround was a finalist for the Copenhagen Index Award— nominated as a project that had a positive impact on an entire community. Through responsibility and learning to speak with compassion, kids found their emotional and mental languages, and began to understand the power of communication as self-understanding. it let them speak up for themselves and champion others. In 2016, the strength that BeLonging and TeamPlayGround continue to demonstrate in the community of Mirano reveals its global potential.

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